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Submit Online Photo

The following guidelines will help you provide an acceptable CruCard photo.

Photos must be passport quality and flash must be enabled when taking photo.

CruCard Photo Guidelines:

  • Photo must be no more than six months old
  • Only show your head and top of shoulders
  • Have a light-colored, solid background
  • Have uniform lighting (no shadows across the face)
  • Be a clear and sharply focused image
  • Show your face with a natural expression
  • Show your shoulders square on (not looking over shoulder)
  • Show your face looking straight at the camera (not tilted sideways or up or down)
  • Show your eyes open and clearly visible (nothing obscuring eyes, including hair)
  • Not show any reflections on glasses or face
  • Show no head coverings (except for religious purposes)
  • Photo cannot be black and white
  • Photo cannot be edited
  • You may smile in your CruCard photo.

Unacceptable photos will be rejected.

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